How to Measure Her Ring Size without Her Knowing

November 18th, 2015 by Kady Smith

So you’ve found the perfect girl, a true feat unto itself, now all that’s left is finding the perfect moissanite engagement ring. But before you can start your hunt to find the moissanite ring of her dreams, you’re going to need to know her ring size.

How you decide to go about this really depends on your relationship. Maybe getting engaged is something you’ve been talking about for a while now, and in that case you can honestly just ask her outright. Don’t worry – just because she shares her ring size doesn’t mean you can’t still surprise her with an epic, out-of-this world proposal.

But maybe you plan on surprising her out of the blue with a proposal that’s destined to go viral and total secrecy is key. In that case, here are some tips for those wanting to go undercover and maintain the element of surprise.


Free Ring Sizing from MoissaniteCo

The easiest way to get her ring sized is to visit the ring size section of our website. We have multiple ring sizing tools that make it about as easy as it gets. For starters, we offer a free plastic ring sizer which you can get here and have delivered. If you need to know her ring size sooner, download our digital ring sizer here. We even have a virtual ring sizer which allows you to use one of her rings and measure it on your computer screen.


Special Ops: Proposal Edition

It might be a long shot for her friends or family to already know her ring size, but no matter. Send them on a secret mission of the very best variety: shopping. Have her friends or a family member take her out for a day of shopping, then request that they casually drop by a jewelry store where all the girls get their rings sized just for fun. They’ll report back to you with the intel you need so you can move forward with purchasing the perfect Moissanite Engagement Ring.


Surprise her with a Stand In

A girl can always use another piece of jewelry. Use this age old truth to your advantage and create a diversion by surprising her with a non-engagement ring, maybe a ring that has her birthstone – something simple and pretty. Use this as an opportunity to ask for her ring size or take your best guess and gauge her reaction to this decoy ring. It really is a win-win. You’ll get points for doing something random and sweet, all while getting her ring size so you can move forward with finding the perfect moissanite engagement ring.


When in Doubt, Size Up

Moissanite engagement rings can always be resized, so when in doubt, go with a size that while might be too big but can always be resized to the perfect fit. Our resizing process is unique in that we don’t stretch the rings, but instead will add precious metal when increasing the size. The band in then laser welded back together and polished for a near seamless finish. Any side stones are checked to ensure they are secure in their settings. Our re-sizing typically takes about a week from when we receive the request.


While there are tons of tools we offer here to help you get her ring sized, you can always visit your local jeweler. While out and about with your sweetheart, play it cool and pop in under the pretense of buying a gift for someone else. However you choose to play it, we wish you luck on your journey finding her the perfect moissanite engagement ring.



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January 31, 2016 at 2:38 am, Esther said:

I hope to get the surprise proposal, even if the size is wrong!

So you can size the ring with a laser?

Can you make it smaller just the same with a laser or just larger?


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