We Love Moissanite Halo Setting

November 9th, 2015 by Kady Smith

We Love the Moissanite Halo Setting!

Let’s be honest. What’s not to love about a halo setting? Smaller stones encircle a larger center stone creating a halo effect, which gives the look of a much larger stone with loads more sparkle. The Halo Setting continues to be one of the most popular engagement setting styles, and for good reason. So for all those girls who gravitate towards the glamour of the halo setting, we’ve got great news. Moissanite Halo Settings take everything there is to love about a diamond halo setting then amplify every aspect – the brilliance, the fire, the sparkle – it’s all taken to a whole new level, because Moissanite is superior to the look and of diamonds in so many ways! Not to mention the vast difference in cost. When you compare the cost of a diamond halo setting to a moissanite halo setting, there is simply no comparison. So Moissanite not only looks far superior to diamonds, but the difference in cost will allow you to get a much larger moissanite halo engagement setting with surpassing sparkle and size to that of a diamond.


You can find Moissanite Halo Settings in every imaginable style. With our Moissanite Engagement Ring Collections, you’ll find Moissanite Antique Halo Settings, Moissanite Double Halo Settings and so many more, along with hundreds of gorgeous Moissanite Wedding Sets. You’ll find styles with stones in all your favorite shapes: round, square, cushion, oval. You can even create a custom Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring.


So if you love the halo setting style, you won’t find anything else that compares to the sparkle and value of a Moissanite Halo Setting.


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