Forever One Moissanite: The Superior Choice to Diamonds

November 9th, 2015 by Kady Smith

Forever One Moissanite: The Superior Choice to Diamonds

We’ve talked before about the many reasons why Moissanite is the perfect center stone for an engagement ring – how it’s far more affordable than diamonds (roughly one tenth the cost), that Moissanite is conflict-free and better for the environment, with beauty and durability that rivals that of a diamond. But just like some couples who shop for a diamond want a very specific colored stone, now Charles & Colvard brings you the premium line of Moissanite – Forever One Moissanite, which features a superior color grade to that of Moissanite.

The color scale of Forever One Moissanite ranks as a 100% colorless gem, or D-E-F on the GIA Diamond Color scale, which is used by gemologists to grade the color of diamonds. Forever One Moissanite still captures all of those incredible qualities that make Moissanite such a superior choice, but with this new color range the beauty of these stones becomes that much more magnified. Forever One Moissanite is 10% more brilliant than a diamond and disperses more light (over two times that of a diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire). Forever One Moissanite isn’t a simulant, but is truly a diamond replacement as it surpasses the diamond in brilliance, fire, toughness and luster. It is internally colorless without any treatment or enhancement, meaning the beauty and brilliance of your Forever One Moissanite stone will last forever and won’t fade overtime. It also happens to match some of the world’s rarest and most valuable diamonds in its color and near flawless clarity, which are the two properties that influence the overall appearance and beauty of the stone.

Our Forever One Moissanite is certified by Charles and Colvard, the first manufacturer of moissanite, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

See for yourself the beauty of Forever One Moissanite and see photo/video comparisons here.



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